Ultraclean Disinfect+

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Clean and Disinfect with our 2 in 1 solution!

Your box includes 2 x 5 litre bottles of Ultraclean Disinfect+ and a measuring jug.

Ultraclean Disinfect+ is our new solution to help you clean and disinfect in one. Most disinfectant fluids require you to pre-clean tools, instruments and surfaces before use. Ultraclean Disinfect+ gives you all the power of a disinfectant with added ease of use. As you don't have to pre-clean, you can just pop your items in your ultrasonic unit, add the diluted solution, and they will be clean and disinfected in as little as 6 minutes. 

Ultraclean Disinfect+ is a proven mycobactericidal, bactericidal, tuberculocidal,  fungicidal, yeasticidal. It is also effective against enveloped viruses. With a disinfection contact time of only 1 minute and a cleaning cycle time as short as 5 minutes (simultaneous action in a 6 minute cycle), you can be sure your items are ready for re-use quickly. 

SARS CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19 is an enveloped virus. The specific strain of virus responsible for the Coronavirus pandemic is not yet available for commercial testing. However, as with other commercial disinfectant brands, Ultraclean Disinfect+ has been tested against surrogate virus strains and is able to inactivate all enveloped viruses.  The independent testing was in line with British and European standards. 

Please note: We only ship detergents and disinfectants to Great Britain locations as standard. If you are located outside of GB then please get in touch.