Submersible Transducers and SMART Generators

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Our Submersible Transducers, sometimes also referred to as an Immersible Transducer are a cost effective and flexible way to retro-fit or renew ultrasonic technology into your existing process.

Cost Effective, Environmental Benefits

Our Submersible Transducers have been fitted to replace existing solvent and spray tanks/systems with ultrasonic technology to deliver high performance cleaning results at a fraction of the price of a new system. By re-using your existing tank, costs are lowered and waste of metal work is eliminated.

High Cleaning Performance

Each Submersible Transducer is powered by a SMART Generator, matched and tuned in synchronisation  to deliver the optimum ultrasonic performance for your application. The quantity and power of  Submersible transducers required will depend on the size of your existing tank.

Robust and Durable

All our Submersible Transducers are hard chrome plated, minimising wear on the radiating surface and maximising longevity.

Advanced Control Options

Ultrawave Submersible Transducers are powered by our SMART Generators, offering a selection of optional features to suit your process requirements.

Easy fitting and flexible maintenance

Fitting submersible transducers to your existing tank is an easy and straightforward process. Our trained technicians will visit your site and further training on the operation of your new system can be provided upon request. The ease of fitting and removal of your submersible transducers and generators also means that future service and maintenance is flexible, minimising disruption to your production line.

Due to the customised nature we generally recommend a consultation and then we can provide a more accurate quotation.