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Sanitiser Unit and 10 Litres of Ultraclean Disinfect+

Clean and disinfect in as little as 6 minutes!

Available in 3 sizes with deep or trayed baskets

The Sanitiser ultrasonic cleaning bath increases cleaning efficacy, shortening cleaning times. Using Ultraclean Disinfect+ means you can be sure that your items are clean and disinfected in one cycle, removing the need to pre-clean prior to disinfecting, saving you time!

Ultraclean Disinfect+ is our new solution to help you clean and disinfect in one. Most disinfectant fluids require you to pre-clean tools, instruments and surfaces before use. Ultraclean Disinfect+ gives you all the power of a disinfectant with added ease of use. As you don't have to pre-clean, you can just pop your items in your ultrasonic unit, add the diluted solution, and they will be clean and disinfected in as little as 6 minutes. 

Ultraclean Disinfect+ is a proven mycobactericidal, bactericidal, tuberculocidal,  fungicidal, yeasticidal. It is also effective against enveloped viruses. With a disinfection contact time of only 1 minute and a cleaning cycle time as short as 5 minutes (simultaneous action in a 6 minute cycle), you can be sure your items are ready for re-use quickly. 

As with all of our units, the Sanitiser ultrasonic cleaning bath offers repeatable cleaning performance. Incorporating Ultrawave's Frequency Leap technology, the Sanitiser combines excellent ultrasonic cleaning efficiency with ease of operation.

Homogenous cavitation activity is generated through the ultrasonic bath, reducing dead spots and standing waves. This provides a consistent scrubbing action for excellent results. 

The Sanitiser is a heated ultrasonic cleaning bath with a easily operated digital time and temperature control interface and is supplied complete with a stainless steel basket and plastic lid that also doubles as a drip tray.

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