Ultrasonic Detergents

Detergents are a vital component in the ultrasonic cleaning process. Ultrawave's ultrasonic detergents are all aqueous based (water based), delivering a much more environmentally friendly cleaning method. These detergents act as a catalyst in the overall process, not only adding their cleaning properties but also breaking down the surface tension of the water, intensifying the ultrasonic activity.

Please use the table below to find a suitable Ultrasonic Detergent:

Type of Contamination

Recommended Detergent

General purpose cleaning, light contaminants

Ultraclean M2

Aluminium cleaning

Ultraclean SA, Ultraclean CTA

Light degreasing

Ultraclean CS

Heavy degreasing

Ultraclean CBX

Carbon removal

Ultraclean SPX

Metal brightening

Ultraclean PHUltraclean CTA

Rust inhibitor

Ultraclean RI