Ultrawave’s ultrasonic cleaning equipment are robust and durable, effectively removing contaminants from all surface areas, including those which may normally be inaccessbile to other cleaning methods such as spray wash and manual scrubbing.

Using aqueous (water based) detergents, Ultrawave’s ultrasonic equipment effectively removes oil, swarf and other contaminants from a wide range of components such as heat exchangers, lube oil filters, valves, radiators, coolers, turbine and drilling equipment used in the oil and gas industry. This maximises throughput and increasing productivity, making it one of the most effective and environmentally friendly ways for cleaning these parts and components.

We are also experienced in supplying ultrasonic cleaning systems for on-board processing, providing and adapting functions to suit your specific requirements.

Find the equipment you need using the calculator and product filter below. Alternatively please contact us to arrange a cleaning trial and to discuss your cleaning requirements.