Argon 1000 Ultrasonic Cleaning System

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Ultrawave’s new Argon 1000 Ultrasonic Cleaning System has a capacity of 1000L, delivering outstanding cleaning performance with cost saving and environmental benefits for processing large components or multiple batches.

Incorporating Ultrawave’s Frequency Leap Technology and an integral re-circulation system, the Argon Series has the ability to lift contamination from all crevices, blind holes and hard to reach areas. Supplied with a hinged lid and a heavy duty basket, the Argon Series optimises usability for operators. While in depth programming can be preset at the wall mounted generator.

Designed for manufacturing and processing industries, these high performance, large ultrasonic cleaning systems will deliver outstanding cleaning quality and increase productivity.

Please be aware that this particular model has a number of variants due to the different applications it can be suited for. It therefore has a reasonably wide level of configurability and its price can only be estimated prior to a site survey.

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