Automotive Manufacturing

Ultrasonic cleaning is a fast and highly efficient way for cleaning automotive hoses, engine parts and tools. Its ability to remove grease, oil and lubricants from hard to reach areas makes it one of the most effective and environmentally friendly way for cleaning automotive parts.
Ultrawave’s ultrasonic cleaning systems are used by automotive instrument manufacturer, professional garages, F1 Racing Teams, as well as Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, from basic degreasing to high precision component cleaning.

Why use Ultrawave’s Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems?

  • Rapid cleaning – saving time and money
  • Effective process – flexible wash, rinse and dry systems delivering the perfect results
  • Complete Clean – reach intricate parts that spray wash systems and manual cleaning cannot achieve
  • Increase productivity – fast, high quality cleaning results the first time round
  • Eliminate manual scrubbing – one button press, operators can spend time completing other tasks
  • Green – clean and degrease with water based detergents. No solvent use, improving operator safety

Please contact us to arrange a cleaning trial and to discuss your cleaning requirements.