Keep clean: What does it all mean?

We're all being told how important it is to wash our hands and wipe surfaces to protect ourselves and others from Covid-19. We all saw the shelves empty of hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes. It's clear that the message is being heard, but are we really understanding it?

Ultrasonic cleaning versus UVC light sterilisation

As workplaces begin to reopen following the Covid-19 lockdown, those operating in customer facing roles are tasked with ensuring that their workspace and equipment is clean and disinfected at all times. Two of the methods that have been at the forefront of discussion are ultrasonic cleaning and UVC light sterilisation. While both methods are powerful, there are some issues with UVC light sterilisation which we highlight below which should be taken into consideration before making a decision on which option to choose.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

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Charity Partnership: Music and the Deaf

Music and the Deaf is the only UK charity entirely dedicated to providing access, education and opportunities in music for deaf children, young people and adults. The charity has built an international reputation for pushing the boundaries of what deaf people can aspire to and achieve in music, and is...

Ultrawave Ultrasonic Cleaner Provides Safe Cleaning

The Ultrawave Sanitiser is an ultrasonic cleaner designed to provide a way to clean, removing traces of contamination and bacteria.  Our units provide a faster cleaning process utilising specific parameters and cleaning detergents.