Reflex and Allen achieve class one cleanliness specification with Ultrawave

Reflex and Allen achieve class one cleanliness specification with Ultrawave


Ultrawave supplied a 3 stage ultrasonic cleaning system for Reflex and Allen for the cleaning of low pressure fuel lines used for heavy duty trucks.

Reflex and Allen (R&A) specialise in the design & manufacture of pneumatic and hydraulic tubing for the commercial and specialist sectors of the automotive market.

Within these fuel lines, 20 parts have to be processed simultaneously and these must achieve a Class One Fuel Pipe Cleanliness Specification of zero particles above 200 microns.

Reflex and Allen’s previous ultrasonic tank had failed to meet their customer’s specifications due to poor re-circulation and failure to remove debris. These together with regular breakdowns made it increasingly difficult to keep up with Reflex & Allen’s cleaning schedule.

The Solution
The increased cost of replacing worn fittings to prevent leaks and breakdowns meant that Reflex & Allen had to look for a more efficient cleaning solution to improve cleaning quality, in order to keep up with their customer’s quality standard.

Ultrawave designed and manufactured a 3 four hundred Litre stage ultrasonic cleaning system to overcome this problem.

The new system incorporates:
Stage 1:  An ultrasonic wash tank with irrigation.
Stage 2: An ultrasonic rinse tank with spray and irrigation.
Stage 3:  A drying tank fitted with forced air irrigation and HEPA Filter.
This multi-stage ultrasonic cleaning system designed by Ultrawave has solved all of Reflex and Allen’s previous challenges. It has ensured the best cleaning results every time and given complete peace of mind knowing that the low pressure fuel lines are subject to a tailored process, designed with their unique requirements in mind.
"The tank produced excellent cleaning results and has significantly improved the cleaning quality which means we are now able to meet the specifications demanded by our OEM.”
"The team find it really easy to use and we have reduced future investment by opting for submersible components” says James Reece, Project Manager for Europe at Reflex and Allen.
Reflex and Allen were also very impressed with the knowledge of the team at Ultrawave and the professional service they received throughout the whole process. Ultrawave quickly understood the business, the challenges they faced and helped design the ultrasonic system to meet their unique requirements.
 "I would certainly recommend Ultrawave to anyone looking to invest in ultrasonic cleaning equipment.”
"Furthermore, our company will need to install new cleaning equipment in our global plants soon. We will certainly be discussing our requirements with Ultrawave as a first step” says James.